About Me

Hello, my name is Lisa Dana, I am 24 years old, and I am thrilled to introduce myself to you. I have recently completed my Master's degree in Luxury Marketing and Communication. I am a passionate and creative individual with a strong interest in visual storytelling.

One of my greatest joys is expressing my creativity through various mediums, such as video editing and photography. I find immense satisfaction in bringing ideas to life and creating captivating visuals that resonate with audiences. Whether it's working on projects for brands, curating content for social media platforms, or pursuing personal artistic endeavors, I am always driven by the desire to produce visually stunning and engaging experiences.

My Work

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Ecommerce Website selling candles, soaps, perfumes...

Website creation

I created the entire Tarte Vanille website, from the home page to the product descriptions. I update the website daily to keep it relevant and engaging for visitors. With a focus on design and functionality, I ensure a seamless user experience. By adding new products and improving the user interface, I aim to provide a valuable online destination for beauty and ambiance enthusiasts.


Content creation

I have contributed to create engaging and informative blog content for the Tarte Vanille website. Through concise and captivating paragraphs, I have crafted articles that highlight the beauty and ambiance products offered on the e-commerce platform.


Logo creation

I created the logo for the Tarte Vanille brand, capturing its essence of elegance and sophistication. The logo serves as a strong and recognizable representation of the brand's identity, resonating with its target audience.


Social media management

I created and managed the social media accounts for Tarte Vanille. Through compelling content and strategic campaigns, I promoted the brand and expanded its online presence. By engaging with the community and providing consistent updates, I fostered a dedicated following.


Photography & editing

I am responsible for capturing, editing, and posting all the visuals on Tarte Vanille's social media platforms. With a keen eye for detail, I ensure that every image is visually appealing and aligned with the brand's aesthetic. In addition, I carefully craft SEO-oriented captions to optimize visibility and engagement. By curating a visually captivating feed and incorporating strategic captions, I aim to enhance Tarte Vanille's online presence and attract a wider audience.


Business card elaboration

I designed the card for Tarte Vanille, showcasing the brand's essence in a visually appealing manner. With careful consideration of the brand's aesthetics, I crafted a design that resonates with its target audience. By incorporating elements that evoke elegance and sophistication, the card serves as a memorable representation of Tarte Vanille.



Luxiourious French Brand

Website management

I managed the production of digital marketing content on Dior.com across various regions, including France, China, and the USA, effectively showcasing the brand and its products. Through strategic coordination, I ensured seamless content integration for launches and fashion shows, collaborating closely with e-merchandising and social media teams. The result was a consistent and engaging experience for the audience, aligning with the brand's vision and objectives.


Les Desserts de Sophie

Biscuits and cakes brand

Logo creation

I designed a logo for a food company. With careful consideration, I created a visually impactful design that authentically represents the brand's values and identity.


Product packaging creation

I crafted a visually appealing and enticing packaging that captures the essence of the product. By carefully considering the brand's identity and the target audience, I created a design that communicates the deliciousness and quality of the cookies inside.


Product packaging creation

I designed a package that not only highlights the product's deliciousness but also effectively communicates the brand's distinct personality. By incorporating enticing visuals and effective messaging, I aimed to create a packaging design that stands out on the shelves and resonates with consumers.


Side Projects

Miscellaneous projects I worked on

Invitation card creation

As part of a school project, I envisioned a mesmerizing collaboration between Fenty and a renowned lingerie brand. Inspired by the celestial realm, I created an invitation to a captivating fashion show that immerses guests in a world of cosmic allure. The invitation design incorporates celestial motifs and sensual elements to evoke a sense of wonder and intrigue. It promises an evening where the realms of fashion and astrology intertwine, creating an unforgettable sensory experience.


Social media management

I created my own TikTok page, where I regularly upload covers of various songs. To make my TikTok covers as appealing as possible, I actively follow the latest singing trends. By staying up to date with popular vocal techniques, song choices, and creative approaches, I strive to create content that resonates with TikTok's vibrant community.